Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nøgne Ø: Two Captains – Defying the Laws of Gravity

For an updated and more thorough review, please read my Two Captains update.

Nøgne Ø Two Captains is a must try for those that love IPAs. Two Captains has the aggressiveness of not just one fighter pilot, but two, just as its name suggests. It all begins with the aggressive head that just keeps defying the laws of gravity and a wonderful copper-colored appearance so characteristic of robust imperial IPAs. Two Captains' aroma is complex and – aside from the florally and hoppy scents – sort of hard to pin down. Faint earthy smells accompany the scents of orange and maybe peach. Other reviewers mention odors like “caramel and grass” (saxo), along with “fruity hops [and] piney grapefruit” (anders37). Whatever the case may be, Nøgne Ø brewed some serious nose candy with this one.

With an 8.5 percent ABV, the taste of Two Captains continues to show this ale’s aggressiveness, revealing a mixture of flavors that match the aroma. Quite a few reviewers mention pine and mild alcohol tastes, both of which I also found. This thing is hop heaven and, at 100 IBU’s, it’s amazingly bitter. That said, Two Captains has a bitterness that lacks the burning sensation that one gets from other similarly styled ales. Moreover, to my slight disappointment, the bitterness vanishes surprisingly early after swallowing; other similarly styled ales seem to tingle on for just a little bit longer than this one. Overall however, Two Captains is as aggressive as its label suggests and, if you manage to find it, it’s well worth a taste.


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