Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lancaster Brewing Company: Boss Hop Double IPA – In your face

Lancaster Brewing Company is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a small city smack in the middle of the world’s second largest concentration of Amish (Holmes Country, Ohio is the largest). Over the years, I suppose I’ve tried nearly everything Lancaster produces – both in bottle and draft. Overall, their products are hits or misses of sorts, but nothing too terribly exiting or terribly terrible. But Boss Hop Double IPA sort of debunks that experience. 

Overall, Boss Hop is an outstanding DIPA, a fact that I have come to appreciate after several different samples. Indeed, my first impression of Boss Hop left me wanting more, and I found more after several samples over time. Life in the glass begins with a hazy amber color, producing a solid standing white head with tight and sticky lacing. The nose is all hops, as the name suggests: sweet, with florally, mildly fruity, and piney aromas, accompanied by a faint earthiness. Like the nose, Boss Hop’s taste is all hops: It starts out sweet, with notes of pine and tropical fruits that transition into a dry and “in your face” hoppy finish, just as it should be. It’s seriously aggressive, relatively complex, and an attractive sight as it sits in the glass – definitely worth the time.


Lancaster Brewing Company:

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