Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brasserie d’Achouffe: N’Ice Chouffe – Fruity and Boozy

Founded in 1982, Brasserie Achouffe is located in a small Walloon village also called Achouffe, which lies some 10 kilometers from the Luxembourg border. The brewery offers about eight regular beers, and if you’re a fan of Belgian strong ales, then the N’Ice Chouffe “dark winter beer” will be a familiar, friendly taste and certainly stands up to the best of the strong ales. And this particular brew is spiced with thyme and curaçao and definitely has a warm holiday feel.

Breaking open the cap releases a welcomed hissing sound, and the sweet smell of fruit immediately greets the olfactory system. When pouring it into a glass, the dark and slightly reddish-brown body and fluffy beige head are signs of what’s to come: an enticingly sweet and slightly thick beverage with lots to offer its client. Tilting the glass slightly reveals the impressively long-lasting lacing. Aroma? Think candy, dark fruits, spices, and booze – just as it should be. 

The mouth feel and taste(s) are just as impressive as the aroma and appearance. Sticky and syrupy, the mouth feel is met with some mild carbonation. Taking a generous mouthful reveals a wonderful array of flavors, ranging from dark fruits and candy to spices and caramel. A mild bitterness and a bit of booze accompanies the finish.

While Achouffe is a relatively new addition to the Belgium brewing scene, N’Ice Chouffe demonstrates the brewery’s ability to make a fine strong ale on par with some of the country’s oldest establishments. Indeed, N’Ice Chouffe embodies big time flavors from a small town brewery, just as so many of the world’s craft brews do. I will certainly be looking to sample some of their other products.

Brasserie Achouffe:

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