Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mohawk: Black IPA Easter Edition – IPA meets Porter

Located in a medium-sized town just north of Stockholm, Mohawk brews are a regular take for me every time I manage to pay a visit to Sweden. Mohawk’s Black IPA Easter Edition is probably one of the best I’ve had from their fine line of beverages. If you like IPAs, you will certainly find much joy in this one. Good lucking finding one.

Life in the glass begins with a dark brown color, culminating in a small, but resilient tan head with a respectable amount of lacing. The appearance alone would predict a porter perhaps, but Mohawk gives it a wonderful twist. While the nose is malty – e.g. references to caramel and coffee, it is also noticeably hoppy – florally, fruity, and piney. It’s as if an IPA was poured into a glass half-filled with a fine-quality porter. While the mouth feel is a bit less creamy than I might have hoped, the taste is composed of a relatively unique complex of flavors: fairly malty/roasted taste in the start, with some chocolate and maybe some berries mixed in. A salty sort of coffee flavor comes into focus about halfway through and finishes with the expected hoppy bitterness. 

Overall, this 8.5 percent ABV brew is one that I will continue to drink when it’s available. See you in Stockholm!

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