Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Live From Tenerife - Learning to love pale lagers

Sun, sand, and warmth - just what the doctor ordered for a sun-deprived couple living under the mother nature's assault in Bergen, Norway. And Las Americas, Tenerife is the perfect medicine. Mild, sunny, and not a hint of rain, I feel like a damn fool for not simply moving here years ago.

While the craft beer scene in Tenerife is...well..it isn't really, I'm learning to like some of the usual suspects for this part of the world, most notably San Miguel. But other varieties are widely available, and some of them are quite good for winding down in the cool evening breeze on the apartment terrace. See the picture below for tonight's lineup.

Plus, and thankfully so, there are a couple of Belgian beer pubs in the beach area. So, when you had enough of the watery lagers, a the generous flavors from a Duvel or a Westmalle are not far away. I'll be sure to map some of these places in a later blog post.

On Thursday, we'll be traveling to the Island's only craft brewery. I'll be sure to report back afterwards.


  1. Looking forward to hearing what the local craft brewery has to offer!

    1. Me too! Keep up the good global beer journalism Stunetii :)

    2. Hoping to head there today or tomorrow.


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